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Top 3 Supplements
for a Healthy 2016

  • The service is excellent. I mentioned I had a few ailments, and the person behind the cash mentioned some things I could do to alleviate this problems. Great store, has much to offer.
    Jeremy B.
    Toronto, ON
  • I love this health supplements store. They are friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, and have high quality products. I always leave this place with a smile. Thanks for opening in Riverside. I hope you do extremely well.
    Lee O.
    Toronto, ON
  • I only stopped in for a minute, but the person at the front started engaging me instantly and not in an overzealous way. i picked up some multivitamins there, and she continued to afford the same respect and warmth to another customer that entered.
    Jimi S.
    Toronto, ON
  • Such a great store!! I went in this past summer to find Slippery Elm Bark for my dog and his charming gastro-issues and Jennifer was incredibly upbeat, knowledgable and helpful. She didn't have any bulk packages in-store but she spent a few days calling around and left me a message with the name and address of a store that had what I was looking for. When a business works that hard for nothing but the customer's satisfaction, you know they're a good business. I'm sure to recommend Jennifer and The Healthy Whey whenever anyone is looking for supplements and natural products.
    Caryn Charlie
    Toronto, ON
  • Extremely knowledgeable staff and great products. It's great to have a low-pressure environment when it comes to supplements and vitamins - a great asset to the neighbourhood!
    Toronto, ON